XL Quality Industrial Services has been monitoring the developments of COVID-19 within Canada and more specifically in the Kootenay Region. We have proactively prepared our management plan to address the associated risks. Our business continuity plans have ensured minimal business disruption during the provincial state of emergency.

We have assessed potential business risks and have developed contingency plans to ensure we can continue providing service.

A key part of our plan involves working with our supply chain partners to understand and navigate their business continuity and COVID-19 safety plans. Geographic areas significantly affected by COVID-19 may experience shipping delays. In turn, any potential shipping delays may affect project delivery timelines by XL Quality. If your project timeline will be affected by supply chain developments, we will alert you as early as possible.

To ensure the safety of our employees and customers, we are adopting the recommendations of Health Canada to prevent the exposure and spread of COVID-19. We commend our customers vigilance about their own health and safety and ensure a safe space for any of our employees who may perform work on your sites.

As things continue to evolve, we will respond and adjust. As always, we invite open communication. In an effort to ensure we have a compassionate and actionable understanding of your needs, we want to hear if the emergency measures are having an impact on your business.

XL Quality COVID-19 Safety Plan